If you landed here then you quite possibly need some assistance with your copywriting, branding, visibility or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Perhaps you need assistance with a Penguin or Panda SERPs crash? Can’t quite figure out why you are always mid-page instead of top of search?

We have known for some time that the SEO landscape is changing and Google now rewards quality content with good ranking. We have always been very successful at creating quality website content and using carefully crafted blogs to reinforce a site’s position in the SERPs. Our clients can see the results in their analytics. Many webmasters are reeling from recent search changes; we are now in a new era of SEO. Expert backlinking is only worthwhile if the links are relevant creating and formidable content is now the best way forward for search engine success. 

Find out more about how we can help you by contacting us today or read on and find out how PhraseSet editing, copywriting and expert SEO can help you meet your objectives!

Hi there, my name is Tim Higgins, I am an editor/copywriter and online marketing advisor. I want to just take a few moments of your time to ask you a couple of questions and help you understand how you could maximize your online revenue potential, and promote your brand effectively. You can do this by choosing the high quality copywriting, blogging and intelligent website design & content production services here at PhraseSet. We offer the full package from inception to SEO and a ranking in SERPs.

PhraseSet offers an excellent portfolio of copywriter services to address the many different communication needs for businesses of all types and industries.

The recent changes that Google has introduced have made it harder and harder for webmasters to optimize websites so that they appear at the top in the organic search results (which now comprise 50% of all traffic arriving at websites). Google has upset the apple cart tremendously in recent times by attacking the positions of many sites who had paid for links, had a poor quality user experience and a number of other measures aimed at those propagating online content – i.e. copying from other sites. The links that all these copied articles contained are now worthless. What Google wants is sites with link integrity, link relevance and quality content. Websites that genuinely ‘deserve’ to be at the top of their results pages. This means well-written, informative, useful information that contains keywords with many variations and presented in an easily consumable manner. That is what we do here.

My conviction is that with Google’s new take on things, sites rank better with quality writing; particularly as semantic indexing gets more powerful, wider vocabulary with lower keyword densities is a more successful approach. Another sea change is that incoming links must only come from recognized sources and are natural rather than purchased or manufactured like in link wheels and farms. It hails a new era in SEO, but one I welcome as I am already well-versed in its methods and their application.


PhraseSet offers superior quality copywriting, technical writing and editing services. We can reduce your website bounce rate, increase traffic gravity and apply valuable revenue-generating white-hat optimization. We also provide quality website content that is compelling to read and drives the objectives of the site.  The aim is to add value to your site, in order that you in turn can provide value to your readers; in addition to site design, well-written content is now the most important ingredient in the recipe for online success. The Penguin and Panda algorithms updates are still being applied preventing a return to cheap SEO where articles are spun and keywords stuffed into badly written paragraphs.

Does your site suffer from poor writing and limited appeal or use to the reader? Did your site disappear in the wake of the 2013 Google Penguin 2.0 updates?

The solution could be to take up our writing services and get an SEO overhaul that will raise your business up onto a highly visible, easily accessible platform for you to impress your traffic. We help you attract the searchers who are enticed to select you from our carefully crafted meta tag descriptions & titles in the search engine results. When they do hit your landing page, expert website copywriting will encourage them to buy, click, subscribe or read on… Whatever it is you need your site traffic to do, Tim Higgins our website copywriter will provide compelling reasons to do so.

Whatever your editing, writing and website content requirements; if you are online to generate revenue, you can probably benefit in real financial terms by making use of one or more of the quality website & business communications services we provide.

  • Expert SEO services
  • Website content writing
  • Website design and landing pages
  • WordPress theme installation, modification/customization & implementation
  • In-depth keyword analysis
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools management
  • PPC / AdWords campaigns
  • Expert detailed editing for US or UK business English
  • Marketing communications and collateral 
  • Telesales and video scripts
  • Cover letters and resumes

  • Investment proposals, RFP’s & business plans
  • PowerPoint presentations 
  • Email templates and responders
  • Document proofreading, formatting and conversion
  • Technical writing
  • Functional specifications
  • Procedural manuals, software tutorials 
  • Joomla and Drupal content management
  • Site hosting & maintenance/management/backup/upgrades
  • Site migration to alternate hosts/domains
  • Approved Wikipedia author

 If your business is not performing in the search engines, you need our expert SEO and copywriting services that will improve your ranking in the results without a doubt! In addition to regular copywriting, we can perform detailed keyword analyses, compile HTML meta tags that entice people to click on your link when they see it in Google, all carefully keyworded to improve your SEO.

We can manage WordPress, HTML and other website implementations using cPanel, WP-Admin and use DreamWeaver, WebPlus X5, expert knowledge of  MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Visio, Illustrator and many other popular applications.  Whatever you need editing or copywriting from eBooks to complex proposals,– you have come to the right place! Our affordable services can achieve better results for much less than the glossy agencies you see everywhere.

Why do I need a copywriter?

If you need your website to appear more professional and have your clients think you are the best at what you do – PhraseSet can make that happen. Require a simple business letter or a 25 page business plan with charts and calculations? – We can do those too. Perhaps you would benefit from more brand awareness – that can be arranged.

Reputation management? – Unfortunately to protect others’ privacy and to maintain our own we are not permitted to publish a portfolio of  nor break any non-disclosure agreements regarding details of previous work in this area – but we provide those services too on request.

There are More Reasons to Choose PhraseSet:

We never miss deadlines; always produce pristine, compelling copy; we use our inventiveness to come up with new ways to utilize the internet as a marketing and sales medium wherever possible. We also make full use of the now many channels of internet communication methods.

From simple Facebook pages, simple Twitter comments and numerous other Social Media opportunities, to descriptive essays for article directories and complete websites; Tim Higgins has experience of writing them all. Always unique and original, he combines words in ways that work hard for you as a client.

See the portfolio here on this site and discover for yourself the quality writing services available.

Copywriting is more than just filling a page with words; it is a complex and intensive communication method that can make the difference between sales conversions and a client who trusts you, or dismal online visibility, few conversions/take-ups and a high bounce rate on your landing pages.

Bringing traffic through SEO is only part of the process; online traffic needs to be guided and visitors engaged otherwise they easily drift away and frequently fail to come back. My writing is carefully crafted to offer that seven seconds rapt attention; the seven seconds it takes for most people to decide whether to read on, or move on. I encourage the instinct to book-mark your page rather than pass it by, to take up that special offer or subscribe to your newsletter.

You can really make a lot more revenue with a well-designed and well-written fully analyzed and SEO’d site, and you will get more repeat business too! Don’t settle for some average content and a low grade site – hire a top quality content writer and boost the potential of the platform you use to sell your product.

Check out (or contact me at) my profile on oDesk.com where I can be hired to undertake hourly paid freelance contracts.  There you can see all my work history, writing and editing contracts and the excellent feedback from my 120+ clients

The main advantage with oDesk is that clients have full visibility of work progress through the oDesk timelogs and work diary, a software system which provides random snapshots of my screen for the client to observe paid work activity. The downside is they charge the hirer a 10% commission for the privilege.


Have a look at the selection of the many glowing testimonials I have received from previous clients – if you need to see more, see the full feedback from over 100 clients at myoDesk Profile.

Choose from our professional editing and website content writing services provided by SEO experts. Do your website and business a favor: Hire one of the best quality online native English copywriters available!

Get in touch to find out more about how I can help your business grow – just send a quick email to tim@phraseset.com or contact me on Skype (ID: timhi99ins). I am online all day most days and I will get right back to you!