Article Keywords 101 – A Standard Guide to Article Writing by Tim Higgins+

Article writing is a particular way of presenting information to people online in a popularly acceptable format. Articles contain mostly text but also other media, with a typical length of between 300 and 750 words, usually covering a single topic. When writing an article it is important to begin with an introduction of 100 or so words which will contain the majority of the article keywords. The introduction has a number of functions including setting the tone for the reader, introducing the subject matter you are writing the article about and using article keywords to promote search ranking. The main article keyword should appear within the first 160 characters, because although search engines use the Title and Description meta tags (where, incidentally, the article keywords should appear), some use page excerpts to create search results and commonly look more intensely at the first sentence for index-worthy keywords.

Add some body to the article you are writing

At about this point in you should be fleshing out the information you have introduced above. Unless you can create meta tags, you won’t have so much control over how your article keywords are used. Many do however allow you to add your own meta tags rather than generating them but usually they are generated directly from the post title and the opening paragraph, reinforcing the need to get those in good shape. If you are writing an article that will be published on your site, then you will have full control over your article keywords and meta tags.

When writing an article, there are a number of main components that should be included:

  • An attention grabbing title in <H1> or <H2> heading style
  • An introduction containing the main keyword in the first 160 characters
  • One/more subtitles that contain article keywords in <H2> or <H3> heading style
  • A nice bullet list like this to help readers easily assimilate important points
  • Some body text, perhaps 200-300 words
  • A conclusion to sum up the article
  • A Resource Box with links and author information.

Inventive use of article keywords

While the text should cover all the important points in an[article; [writing] [articles,] keyword] selection, and full utilization of the available vocabulary should be primary considerations. Article keywords can span punctuation too and become a multiple keyword string making a short phrase very powerful indeed. In our example in the first line we manage a three keyword string. If you match the colors of the square brackets you will see them.

Last thoughts about article writing

Once you have covered everything in detail a conclusion to the article you are writing should mention the major points made in the body text without repeating the article keywords (or article keyword if you only chose one) more than once. In our example here, we used four and put them all in the last paragraph. Article writing is not rocket science and anyone can get to grips with both the structure and SEO in no time – try it!


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