Writing a blog for some seems like an uphill struggle for words and angles; luckily for me it comes relatively easy. Put it down to a broadness of thought, randomness of direction or more likely, focus. It is a little like breathing. Breath control is taught in all manner of martial arts and yogic activities; from ballet dancing to savage cage-fighting – ¬†controlling your oxygen intake is crucial if you want to be successful at anything, from remaining calm in an argument to getting irate without getting out of breath! Writing blogs is similar but a new English word is required – how about “Bloxygenation?” Definition: The act of breathing life into your blog.

Readers are the harvest of the writer so to get a good harvest you must breathe enough life into our writing to make it live on in your readers’ minds.

Bloxygenate your writing. Make it jump live and kicking off the page!