The Dreaded Weekly Blog

The Weekly Blog is the Mainstay of Many a Non-competing Website.

For those of us trying to maintain a decent web presence the weekly blog has become something of a necessity in order to maintain a presence and take a keyword opportunity. The weekly blog for me personally is a chance to express myself in words without having to conform to some business notion or new SEO idea; I write about that sort of thing enough during the day for my clients. The need for SEO services is so great in fact that not only am I often too busy to write my weekly blog, I have spent considerable proportion of my time writing about the topic for ebooks and a myriad of websites all performing SEO in some form or another. Curiously, I have never really paid much attention to the SEO on my own site. I rank highly for a number of disparate keywords as the varied topics of my weekly blog create a relatively dysfunctional SERPs presence.  Most of my work is gained through oDesk where my reputation and feedback is a touch ahead of most competing contractors so I am rarely short of work.  I could easily focus my mind on the SEO for my site and up the ante with my weekly blog in order to demonstrate keyword  prowess as is the wont of a number of my competitors. The pie is so large that I worry little about competition; I focus entirely on maintaining the quality of my work. My weekly blog is more a necessity in the world of SEO; keywords for which I have no use for but a pagerank that must be maintained and nurtured. So I will soldier on with tricky keywords in the real world of SEO, AdWords campaigns and intensive efforts for difficult but lucrative keywords. Tomorrow morning I will be back to the grindstone making other sites popular. As for mine? Apparently a weekly blog is enough.

About phraseset

Tim Higgins is a professional writer, editor and author of many eBooks and thousands of articles. In addition to authoring, Tim is a prolific content writer and has written content for over 120 websites to date. Helping businesses of all sizes, Tim gets most of his work through referrals but you can hire him on (see link at his website, and be assured that you will be hiring a high performing, top quality writer with an in-depth and intricate knowledge of SEO.