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Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is a new system currently in beta testing and rolling out to everyone in phases. Despite the confusing name, Graph Search is a way to get personalized results such as those you get from Google or Bing. The main difference is that the search results are far more contextualized in terms of your relationships and social circles, and the way that you interact with them.

The way it actually works is complex – even Facebook’s own help and the blog pages that cover Graph Search are not for the faint-hearted reader. If you can imagine a family tree that is built around your Facebook interactions and friends then attach everybody else’s family tree with all their friends and their own interactions (some of which will be the common to yours as you interact with them). This network is an extremely complex web of connections which Graph Search utilizes in order to deliver you the most appropriate search term results. All previous Facebook search engine mechanisms were based on keyword indexing; Facebook Graph Search is a more ethereal approach.

Although this may seem a little too in depth for a Facebook marketing guide, it is important to know how Facebook Graph Search works so that your pages can easily be found by the maximum number of search users. Behind-the-scenes Facebook has created an enormous index of entities and their relationships and overlaid this information with live information about locations, shares, likes and comments as they appear on people’s timelines. A main component includes the use of attribute mapping. This for example would connect all those people who are friends, and live in a specific place. That is a very straightforward mapping. Facebook Graph Search performs complex mapping of many attributes and indexes in this way.

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