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I recently entered a competition run by Google relating to the much anticipated release of Google Glass, a new technology about to sweep the globe. These are “wearable” computers that deliver information through a small device attached to otherwise fairly ordinary looking glasses.

These special glasses however are replete with some stunning technology that allows information to be fed continuously to the wearer through some ingenious optics positioned over the right eye and sound conducted through your skull. The new technologies in Google Glass are a leap forward for hands-free computing and once fully developed will no doubt make the device a world best-seller.

 Being invited to the Google Glass initial trial will almost certainly bring some great opportunities – what  exactly Google Glass has in mind for my suggestion I don’t know (the competition was to suggest uses for Google Glass); but they picked me from perhaps half a million entries (plus 7999 other lucky people) and confirmed in my G+ messages that I would be contacted shortly.

No doubt signing an NDA will be step one so this may be as much as I am able to say about Google Glass without their permission! I care little about that – I just can’t wait to find out more as I am a geek at heart. Will they send me a pair? Unlikely as they are set to cost about $1500 but I imagine the originals will keep their value pretty well so as an investment alone it would be worth it.

include bone conduction speakers which like your jawbone already does, transmits sound through your bones to your ears. A video camera point forwards and ingests visual data while wireless communications allow software to interact with that data. This will afford the user a more detailed view of the world, depending on what they have set up their device to do for them. The innovation has only just begun; developing apps and functionality for these totally unique new devices  will no doubt be an industry of its own and one which wiill grow fast too. An SEO expert will now have to become a GGO expert (Google Glass Optimizer – yes you heard it here first!)

Google Glass is new, its here and I am ready to try it out – if I can tell you more about it, I will for sure – if I can’t you will have to wait your turn until they appear in stores.


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