Google + (Google Plus)

There has been a lot of fuss recently over the latest addition ot the world of social networking; Google plus. (Google+) Many people are wondering what the fuss is all about but there isn’t really much of a story to tell – just yet. In a nutshell Googl+ is like Faebook with one very fundamental difference. One which might determine the success of Google+… There are obviously a lot of differences between Google + and Facebook but one thing stands out as maybe the “value proposition” that Google might need to subvert the mighty Facbook and its 750,000 user accounts.

The difference, is who sees what you post. Facebook has a means of restricting people and forming groups but it really is a long-winded way of organizing things. Google+ has allowed the use of “circles” of friends. So when you publish, including your profile, there are already

categories of people who have privileges depending on how they were admitted i.e. to which “circles” of friends they belong. This allows you to keep all your work peers for instance, unable to see your social life interactions with friends that you socialize with outside work. This prevents your boss seeing that you had a great game of golf that day you were off sick last week; prevents your Grandpa from seeing the yodeling and poor language that some of your less polite friends might utter on your wall. In fact, it prevents a whole cascade of social disasters that has been often caused by an inadvertent Facebook comment or activity.

As for the rest of Google+ it may not be that much of a plus but the fact it integrates with an existing Google profile and account means it might be a more convenient way to socially network than Facebook. Another nice feature is the absence of lots of pointless activities and poor quality games/quizzes that permeate Facebook these days.

From a marketing and work/SEO perspective Google+ for businesses is due to be introduced later in the year. It is expected that there will be benefits to a business to switching (or just adding) Google+ for social medial marketing. How it will affect the SERPs only time will tell. There is no knowing if there will be incentive to use Google+ as leverage to gain an advantage in the SERPS – after all, Facebook results are already appearing in the SERPs so what position they will retain when Google+ pages start to be added into the mix…My guess is that Google+ will win that battle.Click Here!

There are some interesting features that make it a better option than LinkedIn too – Google docs will be integrated and Google Meeting, Google Screencast and Google Picasa/YouTube. The circles function is the primary reason to move our social networking though – all these other functions are available anyway – Facebook does not allow you to selectively post but it might not take them long to come up with a competitive alternative solution and what are we as users left with? More choice? More Options? More profiles to maintain……more is not always better.

In the meantime its worth checking Google+ out at

It might be the “more” you wanted.

Find out more by watching this video from Google themselves: