Money Well Spent

Its been a while and for me, business is changing. Becoming more complex. That fact may not be true for those already entrenched in today’s (and tomorrow’s) technologies, but for me as a writer, marketing and business adviser, many of the technologies I write about do not even exist yet; the ones that do are still science fiction to most people. I am immersed in a world of reality-driven make-believe, fostered by the (well placed) optimism that the great ideas that I have been engaged to communicate to those with the power to finance them are in fact a good bet. This is a situation brought about by the strange world of investors and funding opportunities combined with the need for those who have what are ground-breaking ideas to apply the essential dollars to make their innovation a reality. Communicating between these two groups is the niche I am in at present. It is a one way process and feels a little lonely in a way. Precious volumes of carefully written proposals are sent off to funding agencies like children collecting food from the forest; you are never sure if they will ever make it back and if they do, will they come bearing fruit or polite rejection and a mediocre explanation? Bearing fruit would indeed be a blessing but the due dates for awards are months away and there are many more children to be prepared lest we all starve. Figuratively speaking.

The driving force for me is the knowledge that in general, all these preparatory efforts with stringent requirements and razor sharp deadlines are designed to wean out the weak, the insufficient and the ill-prepared. This is suddenly my territory and although the path ahead is filled with avid preparation for the many proposals ahead, my nervous anticipation diminishes as time goes by. The ideas I am bearing through my work and words are truly worthy so I have bec

Although my work life has now immersed me in far more complex notions than I had ever previously anticipated, the deadlines that I face are not the only item that remains razor sharp; the complex nature of my current work has nurtured the need to know more and impart more to others as I do so; I  learn, you learn.

The ideas of others that I am communicating in these new realms of discovery and opportunity will change the world. For now, I will apply myself to making two powers connect to become a force; those who have financial resources (including governments, commerce and private individuals) and those who have the ideas that this finance would be best spent developing. These are not simple  matters. Creation of the world’s most advanced medical discovery system and the results it could present could save not a few, not thousands or millions. Billions of lives could be saved, or vastly improved. The productivity of the human race could be phenomenal and suffering widely reduced.

Investing in the future is what I am helping to motivate. The end result may be beyond my lifetime but it will happen. Those who attributed their financial assistance to such efforts having recognized its importance will be able to  sleep at night.

Money well spent. Money Damn Well Spent!

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