Newsflash – Is Facebook Nose-diving while G+ Soars?

News reserved for those who don’t have a Facebook account; it is getting more and more complex to operate your Facebook account. Those who have one will be painfully aware -There are so many settings and configurations that Facebook has now become the lumbering mess that Microsoft have entrenched themselves with many times in their quest for over-endowed software over the years.

In their mad rush to counter the simplicity of Google+, Facebook has failed to see the wood for the trees; not because there were already trees in the way, but because they put them there. Bad decision making or frantic reaction-management I guess.

Like amateur landscapers of unnecessary and poorly designed new site ergonomics and some rules that defy explanation, Facebook is now more complex than the operating system for the CERNE nuclear research center in Switzerland. I for one laud these ground breaking efforts in the scientific world; I just don’t need my Facebook page to be as complex – I thought we already split the Facebook atom.

To be honest, I didn’t need Google+ either. But if I had to choose, I will go with G+. Why?

Not because I am affiliated with Google; they have not always been kind to me…

Facebook is becoming more distant in my online activities because:

SEO – Google + clicks (The equivalent to likes on Facebook p.s. please press my G+ buttons!) are much are powerful in Google SERPS (aren’t they?) than likes?

Facebook annoys the Sh!t out of me with feeds from people I barely know or like. (yes Facebook just made that controllable – ONLY just -and through an awful mechanism that is a vain attempt to try and compete with the G+ Circles)

Facebook shoves all kinds of links in your face including advertising that I don’t want or like.

I like the simplicity of design with G+ – it seems to encompass the way we do business these days. – sleek and useful. Going to redesign my own site now. Sheesh- the price of progress.

Buy Google+ here for only $10!!! – But no…its free – free from many things we don’t like about Facebook! Those walls have ears it seems – the world at large has a mouse cursor too and 50 millioin of them have elected to click on the G+ bandwagon….chug chug off lurches the Google Machine into the superheavyweight class of social networking providers!