What is oDesk?

When informed of how my payments are collected or how my hours are tracked I generally point people in the direction of oDesk. They then usually respond with “What is oDesk?

I was already writing a book about how to be successful on oDesk and decided to write an information website to help those who have the what is oDesk question find the answers they need.

Many people have asked the what is oDesk question are also looking for assistance in generating a decent income as a n oDesk freelancer like myself.  So I wrote a book explaining how I made a success of my business on oDesk.com. Much of the information relates to any other freelancing sites too but was mainly aimed at oDesk users where I have the most experience. I have used Elance, freelancer, and have accounts at many other freelance sites but found oDesk the easiest to use over time. This does not mean it is perfect but then none of us are….

I am about to release a completely new eBook about how to make a success on oDesk. If you would like to pre-order your copy you need to head over to the website at the moment; however you can wait a few days and it will be available here: http://www.whatisodesk.com There’s lots of general information about oDesk at the oDeskreview site too.

About phraseset

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