The Pilot Flying J Investigation

pilot flying j CEO jimmy haslamPilot Flying J, a truckstop chain based out of Knoxville, TN, has hit the headlines repeatedly this year relating to federal fraud charges and a class action lawsuit. A recent 120-page affidavit filed in federal court claims that members of the company’s sales force scammed trucking companies by reducing or denying of rebates they were owed in a diesel fuel rebate scheme. Pilot J are still being investigated but there is no way to determine just how much money these companies were scammed out of. A Pilot Flying J class action lawsuit was penciled for November but the case is changing rapidly with new information being released almost daily. Many truckers are opting out of the class action and taking legal advice regarding independent legal action as the Pilot J Class action lawsuit is not perhaps their best chance of monetary damages. Back in April, Robert H. Root a special agent investigating the case, was extremely suspicious stating the scheme was:

      “conspiracy and scheme to defraud executed by various Pilot employees to deceptively withhold diesel fuel price rebates and discounts from Pilot customers … for the dual purposes of increasing the profitability of Pilot and increasing the diesel sales commissions of the Pilot employees participating in the fraud.

However, Haslam initially denied any wrongdoing in a previous news conference. Haslam stated:

“the foundation of this company is built on its integrity and that any willful wrongdoing by any employee of this company at any time is intolerable.”

Haslam also said the company would remain cooperative for authorities and conduct its own investigation as well. Now it looks like he is going to be pinpointed as a major player in a large scale federal fraud and other senior managers are being implicated with 7 guilty pleas received by the courts to date.

An employee acknowledged only as a confidential source, voiced to investigators that the rebate scheme was discussed during “back door” meetings attended by Haslam and Pilot President Mark Hazelwood. Nonetheless, Haslam claimed no wrongdoings on his company’s part, and has faulted other employees for the scam.

The informant had much to say regarding the practice, and that it was known by a range of rewordings ranging from “manual rebates” to “screwing.” Several other informants for the investigation have secretly recorded conversations among Pilot J employees holding frank -and often profane – discussions about the rebate scheme. Recent revelations including a videotaped meeting between senior Pilot J company executives confirmed the employee’s claims that this fraud was engineered and intentional.

The case continues and depositions are rolling in. Pilot Flying J is right in the thick of it now and thousands of angry truckers want their money back! If you are fighting to get your rebate money back, you will need legal assistance. Were you ripped off by them? If so you can opt out of the class action lawsuit and claim more monetary damages. is a site dedicated to helping those ripped off by Pilot Flying J to get their money back!

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