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Neoscope Managed IT Support Services Agreement for

J&L Cable Services

Prepared for:Humberto Cherritte 

J&L Cable Services

Prepared by:Timothy Martin 

CEO, Neoscope, LLC

About Neoscope – Our Approach to Support Services

Neoscope, LLC is a leading Microsoft Partner and Managed Services Provider with clients all across the New England region. Our group of Microsoft and Cisco Certified Business Professionals provide support to businesses to implement versatile and innovative systems using all the latest in wireless, network and leading edge server technologies. Neoscope have a deep understanding of the need to provide support and consultancy for the ever-increasing network and server burdens of a growing commercial enterprise. Neoscope provide solutions and strive to eliminate downtime whilst offering a competitive predictable monthly IT management, maintenance and support cost.

We function as an extension of the businesses that we support by providing access to our group of trained professionals and monitoring technology and maintaining our client’s networks 24/7/365. We provide support services to companies in many industries such as health care, legal, manufacturing, retail, non-profit, hospitality, charitable/religious, and many more, working to support, manage and analyze their growing infrastructures.

We offer our clients:

  • Predictable support costs.
  • Comprehensive IT services to support a growing infrastructure.
  • Proactive and reactive support utilizing state-of-the-art management and monitoring tools.
  • Comprehensive account management.
  • Project management and implementation services.
  • After-hours & emergency support.

J&L Cable Services Overview

J&L Cable Services is a full service communications installation company in need of an operational upgrade to allow a return to low-stress server load and reduced downtime risk.


J&L Cable Services is currently using an entry level server to support a growing company.

Neoscope will replace the existing server with a new upgraded server that can support the demands of an increased network load. This new server comes with a 3-year warranty for replacement parts and labor.

J&L Cable Services is seeking assistance to promptly assist end users with helpdesk issues, administer servers and networking equipment on a daily basis and assist in completing projects.

Neoscope will provide support, monitoring, administration and project assistance. We will monitor servers, network equipment, Exchange E-mail flow, and critical hardware and software services to ensure smooth operations around the clock.

J&L Cable is relying on tapes for backups and currently there is no off-site storage method.

Neoscope offers several options for backup, disaster recovery and contingency planning to our clients. Firstly, we will recommend using an on-site disk based backup server to reduce data risk and archive your servers to local disk images which will allow for quick restores with virtual server technology in the event of any unforeseen failure. We will then replicate this data to an off-site data center each night. The data will be encrypted both on the backup server and during transmission and is completely secure from outside access throughout this operation. We are guarantee complete data discretion to protect your company’s valuable and important data. We can also discuss how this solution differs from other options that we offer, and why we feel it’s the best and most cost effective option for you.

J&L Cable Services Potential Benefits

The benefits that J&L Cable will enjoy as a result of selecting Neoscope to provide IT support services are:

  • A highly responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced help desk that can increase your employee productivity by solving their technical issues quickly and effectively.
  • The latest secure remote access and diagnostic tools are used by our expert support technicians to provide them with immediate remote access to diagnostics from client networks and associated hardware, allowing us to provide immediate assistance to end users, regardless of location.
  • Hardware security – through Neoscope’s IT asset inventory and support ticket management we can keep track of all your hardware and its operational status.
  • 24/7 Access to our Microsoft and Cisco Certified technicians that can help with support of all day-to-day issues as well as access to our executive level IT consultants for CTO level technology project assistance and advice as needed.
  • Comprehensive security and IT management policy support in order to most effectively utilize “IT best practices” for leveraging current and future technology.
  • Proactive managed IT services that will help you save money by reducing downtime and exposure to data loss, while increasing your network performance and improving your end-user efficiency.
  • Effective backup and disaster recovery solutions that will reduce exposure to data loss, from current levels down to fifteen minutes, and in terms of server downtime, to under one hour. We strive to have a zero down-time strategy but there are always emergencies and unforeseen events do occur from time to time; Neoscope will be there and ready to help you through those events, and form a positive recovery solution to get you back up and running with minimal loss of time or data.

Scope of Work

The objective of this Scope of Work is to broadly outline all the core elements of a secure, reliable technology infrastructure as a utility service for J&L Cable Services. The Scope of Work is designed to detail the discrete elements of Neoscope service portfolio. The ten service elements detailed in this document are:

  1. 1. Hardware and software management of servers, workstations, switches and the entire LAN/WAN.
  2. 2. Management of messaging services and email.
  3. 3. Security enhancement and control through virus protection, spam filtering, adware and spyware protection.
  4. 4. Data backup and disaster recovery management.
  5. 5. Help-desk support.
  6. 6. Management of software deployment and support (as applicable).
  7. 7. Network monitoring and end-user support.
  8. 8. Management of high-speed data connections (Internet access) and voice infrastructure (as applicable).
  9. 9. Remote access support.

10. Hardware replacement/repair service.

In some instances, specific products or vendor solutions are referenced; we reserve the right to change the specific products or vendors utilized in providing our solution. Neoscope continually evaluates the marketplace to select the optimal vendor products to integrate with our solution. In the event a change is required, we will make every effort to ensure there is no loss of functionality or features, and advance notification is provided to designated contacts.

In many service categories, Neoscope will notify designated site personnel of abnormal network or system behavior. Notification policies for these areas will be mutually agreed with client and can be via e-mail or phone.

Please note that any services not explicitly listed in this document are not included as part of the core Neoscope service portfolio. Your assigned Neoscope Account Manager will discuss further projects to determine if Neoscope can support your requirements, and if/when additional charges may apply.

Management of Servers, Workstations, Switches, and LAN

Overall System Management

The following functions will be managed by Neoscope for all designated servers listed on the Neoscope Service Agreement:

Active Directory Design and Implementation

Active Directory (AD) is an essential component of the Microsoft operating system architecture. Neoscope will fully manage the AD, which will allow Neoscope to manage data access, network resources and user accounts, including providing a central authority for network security. In addition to providing comprehensive directory services within a Windows environment, AD is designed to be a consolidation point for isolating, migrating, centrally managing, and reducing the number of directories that companies require.

Neoscope Active Directory responsibilities will include:

  • Design of the Active Directory structure
  • Migrate your current directory management system to the NeoscopeAD environment (where applicable)
  • Implementation of the Active Directory
  • Management of the Active Directory
  • Activation and deactivation of user accounts
  • Maintain user access to network resources (files, folders, printers)
  • Automated software loads and updates for the Microsoft Operating System, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Exchange*.


*Note: this does NOT include upgrades to the next Microsoft Version of software. Any version upgrades will be categorized as a project and a cost estimate will need to be provided.

Microsoft Operating System (MSOS) Management

Microsoft releases updates (i.e., fixes, patches, and service packs) on a regular, weekly, basis. While intended to resolve known problems with a specific operating system or application, these updates are frequently released without adequate testing and without appropriate consideration for all consequences that may arise from implementation. Even under the best of circumstances, loading updates can be disruptive to your business.

Neoscope MSOS responsibilities will include:

  • Monitoring and applying Microsoft updates for installed operating systems and core applications.
  • Assess the relative merits and risks of implementation of Microsoft updates and version upgrades.
  • When appropriate, bundle non-critical updates into a single load applied at times of low server load, avoiding disruption to your business during updates
  • Immediately load critical updates across your network infrastructure.

Server Management

Server management also includes proactive and continuous monitoring of the real-time health of managed servers, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. We know how important continuous server operation is both for productivity and data security. Our experience in server installation, maintenance and operation is wide and in-depth; our response teams are there to cover emergencies and day-to-day system managers monitor server load, reliability and data risk on a continuous basis. We want you to be online all the time and enjoy data integrity throughout your operating system, applications and storage.

Neoscope server management responsibilities will include:

  • Monitoring of Disk Space usage, CPU load and Memory utilization
  • Monitor warnings, report and act upon on errors within the operating system, applications, security, DNS, and replication logs
  • Monitor hardware availability
  • Monitor application services
  • Troubleshoot problems identified through monitoring and resolve
  • Server hardware break/fix support (further defined in “Hardware Break/Fix Support” section)
  • Anti-Virus and online security database and engine updates
  • Respond to reported network or system outages within agreed call-out times; contact the customer point of contact in accordance with predefined notification policies.

Workstation Management

Neoscope will actively manage the Microsoft Operating System on workstations. This includes comprehensive workstation operating system (OS) management on an ongoing basis, as well as a dynamic response to suspected errors reported by end-users or local administrators.

Neoscope Workstation Management Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Monitor Microsoft updates for the operating systems and core applications on a continuous basis, including patches, fixes, and service packs
  • Assess the relative merits and risks of implementation of Microsoft updates.
  • When appropriate, bundle non-critical updates into a single load, thereby reducing business disruption.
  • Load tested critical updates immediately on availability across your network infrastructure.
  • Software-automated updates for Microsoft applications through the MS Active Directory.
  • Anti-Virus and online security database and engine updates.
  • Automated software installations via Active Directory for non-Microsoft applications but only if an MSI file is available and provided by the client.

If an MSI file is not available, Neoscope can build one on a Time & Materials basis.

Switch Management

Switch Management includes daily management of Neoscope provided managed switches, responding to system issues and resolving detected faults as soon as they arise. This encompasses structured fault diagnosis, network isolation and bypass, then resolution through an onsite hardware repair, unit replacement or software/firmware update.

Neoscope Switch Management Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Switch administration – port activation and deactivation.
  • IOS upgrades and configuration backups.
  • Routine switch maintenance.
  • Radius security access.
  • Monitor switch availability, CPU load, bandwidth utilization, packet integrity, and memory allocation.
  • VLAN creation and management.
  • Bandwidth monitoring and OS control, management of user bandwidth allowances, memory utilization, CPU load, and network response times.

LAN Management

LAN management includes network monitoring by the Neoscope Network Operations Center (NOC) network specialists, who manage resolutions on a 24/7 basis. The remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform will detect abnormal network behavior, identify faults and generate appropriate status data and alerts. Abnormal network behavior would include hardware and application software failure, duplicate IP addresses, data packet corruption, domain connection issues, and collected measurements which exceed a defined threshold.

Neoscope LAN Management Responsibilities Will Include:

  • LAN monitoring (for wireless or Ethernet-based LANs) by periodic polling devices for availability and utilizing remote and live self-diagnostic mechanisms available in firmware.
  • Respond to system issues and resolve detected faults as they arise; this encompasses rapid structured diagnosis and subsequent resolution via on-site repair, replacement or software/firmware upgrade or reconfiguration.
  • Notify designated site personnel of abnormal network behavior, offer advice on isolation if required.


Management of Messaging/Email


Users are provided with fully managed messaging solution using the Microsoft Exchange 2003 platform. Exchange 2003 is hosted either at the customer site, at one central client site if multiple offices are being served by one Exchange server, or hosted at the Neoscope Network Operations Center where clients utilize the Neoscope Central Exchange Service (NCES).

Neoscope Messaging/Email Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Migration of mailboxes from clients’ existing Exchange environment (when applicable)
  • Mailbox administration (including management of global account list and distribution lists, user account additions and deletions), typically responding to change requests in a 24-hour interval.
  • Manage mailbox policies; mailboxes have user storage limits, each attachment cannot exceed 25MB. Individual mailboxes can be set at a higher threshold upon request from the designated point of contact (additional fees may apply for larger storage needs).
  • Integrate Microsoft Exchange into the Microsoft Active Directory to create an enterprise directory: a single point of management for all users, groups, permissions, configuration data, network login, file, and Web shares.
  • Integration with Microsoft Windows security to enable one security model to serve both Windows and Exchange
  • Provide email content filtering for virus protection and basic spam filtering.

(Enhanced mail filtering and control services are also available for additional cost)

  • Support for users requiring multiple e-mail aliases (e.g.,,
  • Establish Outlook Web Access (OWA) accounts for any users specified by customer Point of Contact.
  • Configuration and setup of the Outlook client on the user’s workstation.
  • Responding to system issues and resolve detected faults as they arise (which encompasses diagnosing the issue, isolating the fault, and resolving the problem)
  • Perform routine Exchange administration including, but not limited to; quota management, message tracking, adding/deleting/changing user accounts, and troubleshooting message delays.

MS Exchange Management

This includes monitoring to ensure that all dependant services and components necessary for the operation of Microsoft Exchange are operating within normal thresholds, and, in the event of a failure, provides the necessary alert notifications.

Neoscope exchange responsibilities will include monitoring of:

  • Exchange Information Store (Microsoft Exchange Information Storage management)
  • Exchange MTA Stacks (provides Microsoft Exchange X.400 services)
  • Exchange Routing Engine (Microsoft Exchange routing information processor)
  • Exchange System Attendant (System-related services for Microsoft Exchange)
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) (network transport protocol for electronic mail delivery)
  • World Wide Web Publishing Service (Web connectivity and administration through the Internet Information Services snap-in)
  • Available virtual memory (The percentage of virtual memory that is presently available to services and users)
  • SMTP queue growth (The rate of current queue growth for the SMPT mail system)
  • Exchange and Windows 2003 service (Various services running on the Exchange server)
  • X.400 queue growth (The rate of current queue growth for the X.400)



Management of Security, Virus Protection, Spam Filtering

Boundary Protection at the Customer Site

If Neoscope is using an existing client internet data connection for access from the client site to the Neoscope NOC, a local firewall which Neoscope can provide and install is required onsite.

Where Neoscope provide and manage local firewalls, our responsibilities will include

  • Installation and integration of firewall into the network
  • Maintenance of consistent firewall protection 24×7
  • Update software and firmware and hardware maintenance on firewall
  • Establish and maintain the security rule base
  • Regularly review of event logs to ensure proper operation of the firewall and investigate attempted breaches or other security threats.


Neoscope overall boundary protection responsibilities will include:

  • Maintain all mission critical infrastructure components in a secure facility with appropriate environmental management controls.
  • Limit hosting facility access to only essential Neoscope personnel.

Virus Defense

Sunbelt Vipre Anti-virus protection is provided to protect customer’s network from viruses, worms, and other malicious code threats that can arrive through multiple entry points. Protection is provided for email, web downloads and file-sharing. Vipre is the global leader in server-based anti-virus software and offers full protection for all today’s threats.

Neoscope network security and anti-virus responsibilities will include:

  • Install Vipre and any other appropriate anti-virus software at the workstation, server, and boundary level.
  • Regularly scan and clean all files (including e-mail attachments) for harmful viruses.
  • Infected file removal and quarantining for automatic reporting back to the virus database.
  • Re-installation of any application/operating system software that is unrecoverable due to infection.
  • Update all virus databases and engine files on workstation, servers, and Internet mail relays without client intervention. Remote users connecting to the network via a VPN session must allow regular automatic updates to the virus database files.
  • Quarantine infected files when detected and remove them as necessary.
  • Roll-back the operating system where required following virus infection.
  • Inform recipients of undeliverable mail where a security threat or invasive attachment is found. Advise on source and quarantined files.
  • Lock down client security configurations so end-users cannot alter or disable their antivirus software.

Spam Protection

Spam Soap E-Mail Filtering is provided to give an enhanced email protection service that provides each user with a Message Center where spam and viruses are filtered and quarantined before they are processed through your mail server. This service is available as an option for your entire organization and is highly recommended.

Neoscope spam protection responsibilities will include:

  • Setup the Spam Soap service for designated users
  • Provide any required updates from Spam Soap
  • Process legitimate email messages to the user email inbox, and route designated spam email and virus-infected email to a Message Center which users can access directly.
  • Fully administer and manage Spam Soap for the end user to adjust filtering levels as needed

Data Back-up and Recovery Service

Server Data Back-up and Recovery

Neoscope uses StorageCraft ShadowProtect to provide server data storage and recovery services. These products provide access to lost data, or data that has become corrupted on the server. All data will be backed up to secure, redundant offsite facilities, eliminating problems inherent in faulty media, costly maintenance, unsecured data, and unreliable recovery. ShadowProtect is an image based backup software that allows Neoscope to restore systems in about an hour to dissimilar hardware when necessary.

Supported Operating Systems:

Neoscope are primarily MS Win Server specialists but will support other network operating systems on a case-by-case basis.


Neoscope data backup responsibilities will include:

  • Daily backup of data on mutually agreed client servers
  • Server data will be stored on a fault tolerant, expandable storage area network featuring a RAID 5 disk array with a double failsafe system that supports hot-swappable spare drives.
  • Secure data archiving according to the storage version option selected on order form (Comprehensive, Enhanced, or Custom)
  • Check audit reports and backup logs regularly to ensure backups are executing properly
  • Work with client in the event of a server failure to restore data to a repaired or replacement server.


In the case of a failure that requires restore; Neoscope will recover the applicable data for the failed server. If the server and application are fully managed by Neoscope, Neoscope will restore the data and ensure the application and its functionality is fully restored. If the server and OS are managed by Neoscope and the application is managed by the Customer or Customer’s 3rd party representative, Neoscope will work to restore the Neoscope managed components and restore the data to the server. While it is the Customer’s responsibility for restoring the application and its functionality, Neoscope will coordinate and supply any peripheral expertise to work with the customer or their 3rd party to ensure the server and its functionality are fully restored.


Help Desk Support

Standard 8 x 5 Customer Support

Provided by Neoscope’s Customer Care Center, 8 x 5 Customer Support is provided from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time. It is a single point of contact for customers to resolve problems, report incidents, and obtain service in support of the following:

  • Network: LAN/WAN
  • Hardware (Neoscope-furnished workstations, servers, printers, peripherals)
  • Core Software (Microsoft Operating System, Microsoft Office, and Exchange)
  • Third Party Applications (limited support as described below)


Neoscope’s Customer Care Center provides end users with a single point of contact to resolve problems, report incidents, and obtain service. Using a variety of management tools, Neoscope leverages collective experiences, knowledge, and data to enhance our ability to provide support services.

As a proactive business partner, Neoscope resolves problems, tracks status, manages and reports incidents & requests. Neoscope can also provide limited support for non-Microsoft applications. See Software Management section. Customer care may be accessed via a toll-free number, e-mail, and for designated contacts, a web-based support portal.

Remote Control

Each Neoscope-managed workstation includes a remote control feature which enables our Customer Care representatives to see Microsoft application errors first-hand as if we were onsite. We can connect to an end user’s computer and work in real-time to address and correct the issue. Remote control sessions will only be initiated following explicit permission from the user.

Response Time

Customer Care Representatives strive to provide one-call resolution. Neoscope will troubleshoot issues, requests, and complaints suitable for 8 x 5 Customer Support as soon as possible.

  • Neoscope furnished hardware includes enhanced manufacturer warranty (not Neoscope’s warranty) providing on-site support for the duration of the warranty (typically 36 months from date of receipt). Workstation warranties stipulate a next business day response; server warranties stipulate 4 business hour response. Neoscope’s guaranteed resolution window for hardware problem resolution is 72 hours.
  • Line of Business Application (optional service) response time depends on vendor availability and other factors outside Neoscope’s control.


After-hours Customer Support

For customers with a standard 8 x 5 Customer Support agreement, any after-hours support requested by users will be performed by Neoscope on a time and materials basis. In addition, Neoscope will not always be able to resolve customer issues (especially if hardware-related) after 7pm EST due to vendor availability issues or other constraints outside of Neoscope’s control. In such cases Neoscope will work to resolve the issue the following business day unless the issue qualifies as an emergency in need of immediate attention.

Charges for after-hours support and out-of-scope service requests are billed at current Neoscope rates, billed in 1 Hour increments.

  • Experienced helpdesk engineers familiar with the Microsoft-centric Neoscope Solution rapidly provide solutions to user problems.
  • Remote control feature enables our Customer Care representatives to see any application errors first-hand as if we were onsite
  • Toll free numbers, e-mail, or a web-based support portal are some of the ways we can be contacted for a support requirement
  • Web-based support portal provided by Neoscope contains useful help features for users; the support portal also serves as a place for users to submit support requests


Neoscope after-hours support responsibilities will include:

  • Staffing a help desk 24×7 to accept and escalate service calls directly from end users (via phone or email)
  • Provide an online portal accessible to designated points of contact, detailing statistics on trouble tickets and projects
  • Log all user calls into trouble ticket system for tracking through resolution.
  • Trend analysis to indicate problems that can be addressed with preventative rather than reactive solutions.
  • Utilization of remote access tools to take control, diagnose, and fix user problem when appropriate.
  • Recommend solutions for recurring software, hardware, and/or network faults.
  • Creation, modification, and deletion of user accounts and/or passwords.
  • Printer and queue management (excluding hardware support for printers not provided by Neoscope, and consumables such as toner kits and paper.
  • Provision of a 1 hour call-back support for clients calling after standard operating hours. These are billed in 1 hour increments at current Neoscope rates, unless point of contact has indicated no afterhours support is to be provided to user.

Software Deployment Management and Support

Neoscope provides varying levels of support for two different categories of software; Core Software and Third Party Applications.

  • Core Software represents Neoscope provided software, currently the Microsoft Operating System, Microsoft Office Suite, and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Third Party Applications are those applications which Neoscope may have assisted in loading on your servers or workstations, but no ongoing support will be provided for these applications by Neoscope. Support and daily management of these applications will be provided by customer resources or their 3rd party representative.

Pricing based on 1 Server, 30 PC’s, 3 Firewalls and Backup
Monthly Pricing – Silver

Workstations / Laptops / Firewall Management/Spam Filtering $xx
Off-Site Backup (100GB @ $1 / GB) $xxx
Windows Server Management $xxx
Total Monthly Cost $xxx

Note: See Overleaf for Terms And Conditions

Accepted and Agreed To By: 

J&L Cable Services


Neoscope, LLC