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Hard Money Commercial Loans

There are many financial institutions, including most banks, which will not supply quick turnaround loans for businesses. Loan application procedures are long-winded and depend heavily on credit scores and previous financial performance. Hard money commercial loans are a useful means of raising finance without having to spend 30 days in processing time and do not rely on credit scoring. Lenders are ready to offer finance very quickly indeed – in a matter of days usually – and require either collateral or some other form of security that their investment is well intended and as low-risk as possible. There are few regulations other than the lenders have to be licensed in the areas in which they operate and they have to meet slightly different requirements around the nation. Hard money commercial lenders typically offer interest rates between 10% and 15%. They are not intended as long-term financial solutions and their durations are usually from a month to several years. Fees vary from lender to lender and are applied on a (percentage) points basis and can typically vary from one to six depending on the type of loan, amount of risk, and the disposition of the investor. This is why it is prudent to locate all the available lenders in the area where you want to take out a hard money commercial loan in order to compare their interest rates & fees.

Finding the right hard money commercial lender

There is good reason to shop around when looking for a hard money commercial loan; not only do interest rates and fees vary between them, but also the type of repayments to be made, the collateral or security required and there can be other differences depending upon whereabouts the loan is taken out. Many private investors do not publicize themselves but rely on brokers and known lenders to find their business. provides two benefits for those looking for commercial hard money finance:

Firstly, our directory service has a listing of all the top hard money commercial lenders and private money investors available in the area you specify, so you do not have to go and locate them by yourself.

Secondly, as well as being free, the service allows you to obtain multiple quotes by just filling in one form so you can make an informed decision as to where you want to borrow money from. We do not have affiliates to any of the lenders so will provide you with an un-weighted and unbiased list of suitable hard money lenders for you to choose from.

It just takes a minute to fill out our form and you can start receiving quotes and loan information straight away from interested commercial hard money lenders.

Hard Money Investors

Hard money investors fill the need for relatively fast turnaround loans that are not subject to the slow, credit-check-oriented lending mechanisms of banks and financial institutions. Hard money investors, who are often private individuals but can be an investment group, finance the hard money lending business. These people have readily available money which they prefer to invest in short-term higher risk enterprise rather than the usual stocks, shares and bonds. They are prepared to risk this money through short-term hard money loans in exchange for a high level of investment return. Their profits made in several ways; fees, charged on a (percentage) points basis, are applicable to most loans and these can be profitable for their lender. Interest rates are also considerably higher than comparable bank loans so that a generous profit can be made. Profits for the hard money investors will be higher because their risk is also higher. Providing collateral or other security against these loans can ensure lower interest rates and arrangement fees reflecting the lower risk exposure that a hard money investor will face. In general, investors take more of an interest in the project or investment that they are funding than a bank would, this is because they are personally at financial risk until the debt has been paid off.

Advice from these people can often prove to be very useful; this is because many hard money investors have plenty of experience in lending money within many fields of investment, business development and real estate. They do not want to lose their money so constructively helping borrowers meet their repayment responsibilities is all part of the process.

About Us is a directory service providing access to all the top hard money and private money lenders in the US. We profile all the hard money lenders available and ensure that our directory users can locate the best hard money lenders in the area. Having a directory service that allows borrowers to go and assess the best deals means they can save a significant amount in fees or interest rates. We just require a simple form to be completed and we can locate all the appropriate hard money lenders that can satisfy your financing needs. Once we have supplied them all with your details, they will issue quotes and offers from which you can then make an informed decision as to which one matches your budget, loan type and turnaround time. We are not a lender ourselves so our unbiased list of available lenders is the best way to get that hard money loan you need. Not only do you save the legwork of trying to locate them all yourself and filling out endless forms, we have made it simple for you to get the job done all at our directory site. No more relying on Google and selecting a lender who has the best ranking there regardless of whether their loans are the most appropriate or good value for money. This is one time where Google is not the answer to an online search and an impartial directory service like ours neatly fills in that search niche.

An Article written for a UK Dental Surgery

The UK Vetting & Barring Scheme and the Dental Industry

The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) is a relatively new British organization set up in 2008. The ISA addresses issues regarding the protection of young people from known offenders on the Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) database. This is known as the Vetting and Barring Scheme.

Set up in response to the Soham child murders, this new system of background checking for offenders is now a legal requirement for the employers of over nine million UK workers.  This requirement also applies to dental practitioners as dentistry is listed as a “regulated position”

The client base for most dentists includes children of all ages so every practitioner is required by these new laws to be vetted before employment begins. The system has had a few updates over the last 12 months to address various issues but the underlying process remains the same.

Employers are required to fill out a request for a CRB background check. For existing employees a system is in place for retrospective checks. The system is not free.  A flat fee of £64 is required for each CRB check. The scheme is to be extended in 2011 to encompass existing employees in a 5-year rollout scheme.

The General Dental Council (GDC) has taken an active role in laying out a procedure for employers in this industry. Guidelines are available from their website at

Overall the dental industry has traditionally upheld a high standard regarding its registrants and will pursue the adherence to this law very strictly. Changes are constantly being made, and not only is it prudent to keep abreast of changes, it is also a legal requirement of the employee.