Some short biographies I wrote for the CEO’s of Rollac Shutters:

Walter Konrad Biography
Walter Konrad was born in Giebelstadt, Germany in late 1945. He took an apprenticeship in his younger days as a tool and die-maker where he gained his first engineering experience. Following that, he was a journeyman, border policeman, civilian driver for the military and a salesman for coca-Cola.
In 1980, Walter emigrated from Germany to the USA and continued work as a driver until he met a businessman named Mueller, who was in the roller shutter business. Mr. Mueller was starting a new US-based roller shutter business but for whatever reason, he did not have the confidence to make a success of it. Walter already had an engineering background, some sales skills and a desire to succeed at commerce, so he bought the complete business from Mueller.
With a great deal of effort, hard work and dedication, Walter and his wife Eva have brought their vision of a successful enterprise to fruition. The company he started back in 1981 has grown from a 1,200 square foot office/warehouse in a poor commercial area, to a splendid 100,000 square foot state-of –the-art manufacturing and distribution facility. Boasting a multi-million dollar turnover and over 60 employees, Rollac is now an industry leader in the supply of quality German-engineered roller shutter solutions to thousands of businesses and homeowners. Walter understands his business from the ground up to the finished products; he used to install them himself in the early days. He also has a deep understanding and respect for the customers who have helped make Rollac the success story it is today.

Rollac are set to take on the challenges that they face in day-to-day competition and commerce; Walter Konrad is here to guide this enterprise and continue to navigate it through 21st century markets with his trademark dedication, confidence and pride.

Eva Konrad Biography
Eva Konrad is our Vice-President and co-owner of Rollac with her husband, Walter Konrad. Eva has worked alongside Walter for 28 years providing outstanding support and direction for Rollac. With this wealth of experience in the shutter business, Eva has contributed hugely to the growth and development of the company. Like Walter, Eva has a thorough understanding of the roller shutter industry and excellent interpersonal skills. Eva has nurtured our staff and developed our workforce throughout the years; some employees have over 20 year’s service – a testament to her considerable human resource skills.
Eva was originally a university graduate level schoolteacher in her home town of Mittenberg in Germany and then later in Werzburg where she met her husband Walter. They shortly afterward moved to the USA and seized the opportunity to take over a small ailing roller shutter business. From these small beginnings in that 1200 sq ft facility in 1981, Eva and Walter both worked in most positions within the company and their combined experience is second to none in the roller shutter business.
Nowadays Eva handles all the human resources management for Rollac and provides a number of other managerial and directorial functions. Eva has a deep understanding of what Rollac’s customers need and provides a dynamic and essential component to the overall management of the company.
Rollac are still growing and developing new ideas and products; Eva Konrad is facilitating this growth and development through her effective management techniques and forward-looking vision.
Eva achieves this whilst maintaining Rollac’s high quality workforce who consistently produce leading-edge roller shutter products. Taking on all the challenges of a 21st century business, Eva’s dedication and hard work will ensure Rollac ‘s customers and workforce will continue to enjoy the best that the industry can offer.