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Here’s an FAQ section for the US largest supplier of Roller Shutters:


Q. How much energy do rolling shutters save?

A. Rollac shutters are supplied in a range of sizes, materials and finishes and can certainly provide significant savings on energy bills. Closing a roller shutter immediately places a physical barrier between hot and cold surfaces. We have chosen materials that are not only robust and aesthetically pleasing; we intentionally use the best technology available to ensure our shutters are effective thermal barriers. So whether you are keeping warm in the winter or cool in the summer, our roller shutters will assist in maintaining that temperature for less energy cost than glazing alone. In addition, sunlight can be blocked from exposed windows and reduce the air conditioning load. The actual amount saved will vary depending on the type of installation (e.g. whether automation is included) situation and use, but the saving it will be noticeable on any energy bill.

Q. How much control do I have over the finish of my rolling shutters?

A. Customers can choose from a wide selection of appropriate colors intended to match architecture materials and common color schemes. We can supply a color finish to almost any specification however and encourage customers to select colors that will complement the architecture of their homes or buildings. We have installed many thousands of roller shutters and so our design experts have plenty of experience and will help customers find a suitable color scheme should they need guidance. Environmental factors and security requirements can also influence the surface finish but the full range of colors is still available.

Q. I plan to build a new home, when is the best time to think about incorporating rolling shutters into the plans?

A. As your architect will probably concur, to have an aesthetically pleasing installation of rolling shutters they need to be integrated into the building properly. During the planning and design phases, the architect has the perfect opportunity to ensure that a roller shutter installation will be innovative, unobtrusive and appealing.

Q. Why are there so many different slats to choose from – how will I know which to select?

A. The large range of products that we offer ensures that our customers can get the best solution for their roller shutter needs. Although selecting from the large number of different slat types can slightly confusing, our experts are here to help customers choose the slat type that is most appropriate for their project. We want to make buying our roller shutters a user-friendly experience so our staff have been specifically trained to reduce the customers legwork by assisting at every step of the project planning and design process. We encourage our customers to seek assistance so that a professional designer can help them purchase the best roller shutter solution available.


Q. Can you provide references in my area?

A. Rollac have been installing successful roller shutter solutions throughout the United States and can provide excellent references both directly from customers, and through our reputable customer-centric nationwide dealer network. We can demonstrate a portfolio of impressive installations and references on request.

Q. Where is your showroom?

A. Our 3000 square foot showroom is located in central Houston and is replete with product samples and displays. In addition our staff are ever-present to help customers in any way they might need. We have a full range of catalogues, brochures and price lists available and can immediately supply any information about our products that customers might need.

Q. Can you provide a price quotation over the phone?

A. We encourage our customers to have an on-site visit to discuss exact requirements and specifications, but we can supply quotations by phone, fax or email for those who have already specified their intended roller shutter implementation

Q. Are there insurance advantages to installing a Rollac shutter solution?

A. In general, insurance companies are very positive about roller shutter installations and many policies can be discounted where roller shutters provide an additional level of security to a building. As their handling of this issue varies from company to company it is prudent to call and check with them to see how much the added security might reduce premiums.


Q. Rolling shutters are exactly what I need…How do I order my rolling shutters from Rollac?

A. We can be contacted right now here {Mailto:link} by email or

during business hours by telephone: 123456789 or Fax:  123456787

If you need to mail a design or document to us our mailing address is:

Rollac Shutters Inc




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Q. Where can I install rolling shutters?

A. Roller shutters can be installed into virtually any opening or window necessary. This might be a patio/French door opening, a movie room or garage doorway to name but a few. Our designers have years of experience so they can help customer find a roller shutter solution for almost any application.


Q. How can roller shutters be mounted?

A. There are a number of options available to mount our roller shutters;

Retrofit Installation onto the outer surface of a building via a boxed receiver above the opening.

In-Soffit If there is sufficient clearance, the roller shutter receiver box is installed into the overhang above the opening offering a more streamlined implementation.

In-Wall This is the ideal way to achieve the best aesthetics where the shutter design can be included in the construction plans. This allows for the receiver box to be built into the fabric of the building; the side rails can also be included this way and the end result is an almost invisible roller shutter installation.

Q. Do you install?

A. Rollac perform installation directly in the Houston and surrounding area. We have a nationwide dealer network of trained installers who can arrange an installation anywhere in the US.


Q. How long does it take to install a rolling shutter?

A. The installation time will depend upon the scope of the project in hand, 1-3 days is a good estimate for an average installation. For customers looking to for primarily storm protection, it is wise to arrange installations outside the hurricane season. Knowing that a storm is coming and expecting an immediate installation is unrealistic as demand for shutter installers will already be very high at this time.

Q. Can I install my own Rolling Shutters?

A. Customers who wish to are welcome to install their own roller shutters; however, we recommend that unless the right insurance and expertise is available, that a professional Rollac installation team does this. Roller shutters can be dangerous if not installed properly and can affect the ability to get insurance if building and fire regulations are not fully complied with. This is particularly important where the building is open to the general public or contains employees. Anyone unsure of how they might be affected can call our helpful team of customer service agents who can provide more details about out installation services. We want to make sure no-one gets injured or suffers any loss through the installation of our products.

Q. Who should I trust to install my rolling shutters?

A. Rollac have fully trained and qualified installation engineers who you can trust to implement your roller shutter project. We know our products and how they need to be prepared, installed and maintained. Customers should always use our installers or those of our dealers to ensure that they get a first class installation that meets all building code and fire regulation requirements.

Q. Can shutters be installed on any window or opening?

A. We have expert designers and engineers who can assess any potential installation and provide intelligent and pleasing solutions. If we are presented with a design challenge, we will face it with vigor and determination whilst applying our expertise and knowledge to overcome it.

Q. How long will it take to get my shutters installed after a home has been measured?

A. Most of the year we can arrange an installation within a week or so, but during hurricane season we are hard pressed to offer fast turnaround times as demand for our installation teams is very high. We highly recommend that customers plan ahead so that they will be ready and secure before any storms are headed their way.


Q. How are roller shutters operated?

Manually With a pull strap mechanism, Strap Crank, or Gear Crank, depending on the size and weight of the shutter installation.

Automated We offer a range of automated solutions including; motor with switch, motor with remote control, motor with manual override, motor with remote control and manual override.


Q. Why should I motorize my rolling shutters?

A. Quite simply roller shutters can be either motorized or closed manually. Some applications do not call for motorized shutters, for example for a news stand owner it would not make sense to motorize a small shutter. Many applications however can really benefit from motorization, particularly where automation is also implemented. On or off-site central control of numerous shutters can be easily achieved and provide an excellent method of controlling security, temperature and access, potentially saving money on personnel and energy. Experience has shown that central control and automation make roller shutters much easier to use effectively regarding both security and energy conservation.

Q. Can I choose where my rolling shutter controls are located?

A. The opening and closing controls can be situated wherever the customer needs them. Dual controls are available for all motorized implementations. Override switches and keylock/numeric pad switches can also be installed, adding further functionality and security.

Q. If I have electric rolling shutters, what happens if my electric goes out?

A. Customers intending to install motorized shutters and have concerns about loss of power should include a manual override in their specification. This might be important to meet fire regulations or just to offer peace of mind and convenience.


Care & Maintenance

Q. Are rolling shutters easy to clean?

A. roller shutters are manufactured using the latest materials and finishes and are easy to clean with a simple detergent/hot water mix using a soft brush or cloth. A quick rinse with clean water and they will look like new.

Q. How do I take care of my rolling shutters once they are installed?

A. We take care to design products that require little or no maintenance at all. Our roller shutters motors are designed to last many years and require no more than a check over every 12 months or so, depending on the amount of use they receive. The slats can be cleaned with soapy water and the guides lubricated occasionally with a spray-on oil; other than that there is no maintenance required.