Sales Copywriting

Hers a short-form Sales Letter for an eBook product:

Client Onslaught – More Clients – More Business!

Tired of the same old online marketing spiel, with wild promises of supercars and super deals? If you are like me you already tried the realistic sounding ones and passed on the unbelievable – most indeed turn out to be a waste of time and money. The reality is though, that there are millions of potential buyers out there on the internetyou just need a way to gain their attention.

The average marketer spends money designing a site, waits until the website SEO kicks in and after some months traffic builds and eventually they end up with some sales leads if they are lucky and patient. That’s just the beginning, a sale hasn’t been made yet and they have already put in a lot of work for those leads so those leads had better be of high quality!

Jian Tam has come up with a unique solution to circumvent this need for such a heavy front-end effort; he has come up with a means of harvesting quality leads without the drudgery of analyzing keywords and running a time-consuming,  laborious (and often expensive), SEO campaign.

With Jian Tam’s revolutionary Client Onslaught plan, you can enjoy thousands of leads in a very short time. Not only that but these are qualified leads; people who have the power and budget to spend. There is no trickery involved, just an intelligent application of existing freely available mechanisms to gain a huge marketing advantage.

Do you want 40,000 contacts in just a few days?

Even better, do you want 40,000 business contacts in just a few days?

And better than that, 40,000 business contacts in just a few days who will totally believe in your business credibility?

Don’t waste your time sending mass emails selling products to the barely interested – Get the Client Onslaught plan and find out for yourself what a great opportunity to create quality leads and enjoy profits from the healthy sales generated.

This is not a mailing list for sale – you will be creating genuine leads from businesses that are relevant to you and your products!

Buy Client Onslaught now and be prepared for the Onslaught of Clients to your business!

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is not “do I need this product”, but you should ask “am I ready for the volume of sales Client Onslaught will generate?”

Client Onslaught – enjoy better conversions, more clients, and more business!


See for a sales letter format site that I produced in 2010.

Heres an email letter written for :

Dear business owner,As you know, running a small business is hectic enough without having to keep worrying about where the next sale is coming from – Even worse is wondering how to generate good leads in the first place!

Do you need real long-term traffic and sales conversion improvements?

Do you want to effectively reach local buyers and bring them to your doorstep?

SEO is a much-maligned topic that has many website owners yawning but MrSEO is an industry proven optimization service that will wake you up immediately when you see how well your business could be performing!

Take a moment, click here to find out how MrSEO can clear the muddy waters of lead generation and provide a clear solution to your poor local and online sales results.

Our years of service to clients around the nation has enabled them to improve their sales collectively by millions of dollar; you can enjoy the same improvements by allowing us to optimize your business today.

MrSEO – Your success is our success

Here’s a sales pitch I wrote for Tarem Services:

Tarem Services are more than just a cleaning company; we believe we have real benefits to offer our clients.

Would your organisation like to:

• Receive a high quality service from PROPERLY trained staff who genuinely care about your customers needs?

• Boast a Zero-Carbon supply chain?

• Reduce your carbon footprint and hence your environmental impact?

• Give back into the community through your service provider?

• Enjoy hassle free recycling and waste management?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, why not invite us in for a no-obligation chat and we’ll provide a completely free energy audit to show you how you could be more energy efficient and without expenditure, improve our environment.

We’ll get started by planting a tree in your name!

Call us now on 0207 358 8000 and our customer service representatives can help you right away!

Alternatively, Email us at and we will get straight back to you.

We are more, because we care more.