Basic Website Copywriting is $40/Hr – Equating to roughly between 400 and 600 words of ready-to-publish website copy per hour and includes Meta descriptions & titles where required and keyword insertion/reporting. The content can be sales-oriented with catchy taglines and effective calls to action, or formal and informational. Keyword research adds time to the content production process and will depend upon the amount of research requested/required. We cover a very wide range of industries, please contact us to find out if we are a match for your needs.

Article Writing is $30/Hr – One hour would produce 500 words of ready to submit Ezine or directory-type reviews or keyworded and back-linked SEO articles on general topics. Research for article topics usually adds 1/2 hour or so to the writing and proofing time for each different topic. Multiple articles on the same subject usually do not require that much extra research. These will be quality, researched and factual articles that people will actually want to read to the end, not the junk that you barely bother to read often found in article directories these days.

Specialized/Technical Writing is $40 per hour. This includes manuals, technical specs, functional specifications, user manuals, ISO9000 compliant procedures and proposals with calculated/automatic tables and business plans. The type of project will determine how long it would take. Consultancy is $50 per hour and will include tangible reporting and other written or calculated analysis as requested.

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