SEO Services

SEO Services to Keep Your Business Visible

To get your SEO right you need to take account of the latest changes in Google’s algorithms in the Panda and Penguin updates that are still ongoing but were majorly changed in Sept.Oct 2012. If your business tanked recently then that might well be why. We build sites and know how to use on-page SEO and have in the past provided many other related services. We now offer optimization for any site and recovery for those hit by Google updates.

Do we use offshore SEO?

We use offshore assistance to help with SEO but do not contract out services en-masse – we do not generally engage in “bulk” SEO services. We can offer these volume backlinking etc. if required, but these days there seems to be more results gained from producing great regular content, blogging and backlinking from there; only posting quality content with varied anchors and backlink targets in very select locations. Our team spend their time carefully locating relevant high PR sites where contenet is relevant to the link being made. We also do on-page SEO, perform Google disavaow links and make Google Reconsideration Requests.

Recover from Panda or Penguin

If you would like us to recover your sites in the aftermath of Google’s Panda and the Google Penguin update, contact us today and get your site back on track. It might take a while but its possible – but you must act now! We can remove old backlinks and reinstate new, fewer but more effective links. We can also provide new content so you can retrieve your status on page one.

For those with new sites we provide a range of launch SEO services so your site can rise quickly but organically through search. Whatever your SEO needs, we have the expertise and resources to get your site where people can see it!

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