Business Document Editing

Expert Detailed Editing – Improve documents with the correct UK or US business English

Many business owners have great sales pitches, fantastic face to face and verbal communications – many can spin an idea at the flick of a finger and verbalize it while they still formulate a solution or a full answer. What also happens to a lot of people is that they cannot produce that same thought stream when they write – quite possibly because they think so fast and cannot get the information onto the page quickly enough. What is often the result of much hard toil is an unstructured document, no doubt containing the right information but it is presented badly, is difficult to read, may have questionable grammar and limited vocabulary. many in fact overthink the process and try to use complex words which just end up being hard to understand for the target audience.

I can take such documents and turn them into carefully crafted and structured written communications that properly convey the thoughts envisioned by the client. There is no shame in not being able to produce such high quality documents; it takes a lot of experience and skill. Anyone who has tried to compile a table of contents in MS word will understand that what seem like simple activities are in fact more complex than they first appear leading to much user frustration. I am an expert editor of business documents and can transform poor copy into highly functional and easily digestible communications. There are many examples available to those who need to see a before/after treatment.

Contact us now with your troubled documents – we can help you achieve those objectives through careful manicuring, editing and focusing of your words into a powerful communication.