Feel like there is nowhere to turn and overcome by obstacles to the progression of your new business? Maybe your business is falling by the wayside and needs some pep?

Maybe you want to learn the secrets of how to become successful in the copywriting business! I can teach you how to become successful in less than 6 months. It does depend on your talent to a point though!

I have been a senior manager in some very large corporations, trained and managed many people and worked as a consultant on short term contracts in some frantic but exciting fast-growing smaller enterprises too; I understand the needs of businesses well. In addition to this experience, my editing, SEO and design skills enable me to offer you some expert advice, analysis and direction regarding your online/offline copy and also with your general online business efficiency.

I can produce business plans, ┬áreports and summaries that you can use to improve your business and increase revenue. Maybe you need some simple SEO advice to clarify the murky world of website optimization, or maybe you need a full-blown business proposal? – and a letter to attract those million-dollar investors?

Whatever your needs, I am available to offer consulting services for as little or as much help as you might require. Contact me at the form on the sidebar or email/Skype/telephone me to set up a meeting – I am easy to get along with, get to the point quickly, and don’t waste time; neither mine nor yours!

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