Hosting, Website Content & Marketing

Website Development &  SEO Services

Website Design

We provide a range of website design services including graphic design of pages and navigation and premium quality content writing. Although we are not programmers, we have access to some of the finest (and most affordable) freelance talent available and can provide them with very exacting specifications so you get the site you want! We use quick-build software that allows us to build advanced designed pages very quickly without needing to spend a fortune on programmers and Script writers. This enables us to offer very competitive rates on website design and building.

Site Hosting & Maintenance/Management/Backup/Upgrades

If you would like us to manage your site and its contents we already host a number of sites for various clients and have plenty of bandwidth and space available with very reasonable maintenance rates.

WordPress Sites, Theme Installation, Implementation and Maintenance

Many businesses need little more than a place to hang their online hat and somewhere to put their display stand. We can host, install and manage WordPress sites, including managing the content and keeping everything up to date and functional providing domain registration and email services as required. Although we are not a full-on web developer, we have the ability to provide most functionality required and can outsource advanced web design services through our wide network of clients and contacts.

SEO Services

The list of available SEO services we can supply is simply huge. From directory entries numbering in the hundreds, backlinks by the thousand – your SEO can be as extensive as your budget allows and many SEO companies target clients with excessive SEO fees. Our approach is to be realistic about the benefits of each area of SEO we engage in relative to the site we are optimizing. Our experience of clients who have previously been disappointed with their SEO services has shown that our tailoring of SEO to match the circumstances of the site to be optimized is our differentiating factor when it comes to both affordability and success. We only charge for worthwhile SEO services and have the expertise to decide what will be a worthwhile strategy and what is not.

Contact us now to discuss your SEO needs further – we want to help your business meet its search visibility potential.

In-Depth Keyword Analysis

Although keywords are not as crucial to a long term venture, they are important for those both in niche markets and with competitive products. The main difference in our experience has been the longevity and expanse of the site concerned. New sites require heavy SEO work to get them in the search results of Google/Bing etc. as the first 6 months is hit and miss for many competitive sites; these sites benefit from good in-depth keyword analysis in finding high volume markets with less competition. Sites that have been around for 2 years or more do not face the same issue (assuming that content has been regularly added/updated over this time. In these cases, keywording is easier; the higher the PageRank of a site, the quicker a new keyword can be effective and the larger volume traffic/high competition keywords are within reach. This makes keywording easier and more SEO weight for these sites is better achieved focusing on links and adding quality content (which can contain competitive keywords). I have found with my writing that my vocabulary is wide enough to naturally use many of the intended keywords without having to research them heavily; good writing covers the range of words related to a topic well. This is a real difference to the quality of offshore non-native English writers. The ability to use a wider range of words to describe an area of interest, a subject, a topic, discussion, theme, situation or scenario (sic) means that semantic indexing is becoming a more and more significant part of the modern search algorithm.

Because English is such a wonderfully rich language, Google receives a million or more UNIQUE search queries EVERY DAY!  (Search query = keyword) Consequently, every day there are a million new keywords added to their index. (Note: a keyword can be a phrase of more than one word). This means that written properly, an established site’s new web page will index well if it contains enough references to the subject being searched for.

If you are launching a new site and need help with keywords, contact us today and we can uncover the keywords and use semantic content production techniques to keep you up in the search results.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

We use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools constantly to monitor the sites we already host and advertising therein. These tools provide a wide range of resources for marketing campaigns and traffic analysis. There are also many tools available for AdSense users.

Adwords Campaigns

We can create and manage AdWords campaigns to improve your traffic rates – get a free $100 start up for a new campaign – $150 is available to some clients! Contact us today and find out more about your free advertising budget and how your business can benefit right away at no cost to you for your AdWord ads!