Technical Writing Services

Functional Specifications

These are comprehensive documents that detail the complete process and procedure for a software application. They typically include annotated and color highlighted screenshots and details of every field, function and calculation. They include details of the the data source and any manipulation by the software. They also detail the end-results of calculations and cover every single option, menu item, button click and edit possible and specify the expected results of all such actions.

Procedural Manuals

Good business practice, ISO9001 and many other quality standards require the availability of proper procedural manuals that are written in such a way that the novice user can operate a function in a workplace within a short space of time and without recourse to further training. Effective manuals also have to be fully indexed, easy to navigate, offer visual as well as textual direction and be relevant to both novice and advanced users of the process or systems being documented.

Business Copy

To effectively communicate the contents of a program, business venture or concept  to the audience segment appropriate to the intended objectives takes a very specific skillset. With a wide experience of technical subject matter coupled with my deep understanding of business and financial processes and structures, I am able to craft very detailed and comprehensive reports, business plans and technical content.

With the ability to add graphics and visualizations with the latest software presentation and visual modeling tools such as Visio and PowerPoint, I am able to produce comprehensive presentations that can bite through to the fundamentals of the communication in hand.

What I offer: The ability to convey the message that you want your audience to receive in a clear and structured way that engages them and promotes retention.

Contact me now and see how I can help create instructional documentation, help files, operating manual or other technical information that is represented fully, understandable to the target audience and easily retained.