Tax Preparation Season is Looming

Tax Preparation Season is Here Soon!

Tax Preparation Season is Here Soon!Tax preparation is a subject I rarely think much about until the 14th April most years.

My taxes are uncomplicated so I don’t really worry too much – I use a tax preparation software and it takes me usually about half a day. Recent SEO and content/site production at, and┬áled me to believe that there are many others however who do not have the easiest path when it comes to preparing their tax returns. What is evident, and it has already played out the same way in my life many years ago, is that the IRS are unsympathetically relentless in their pursuit of back taxes.

They powers that the IRS have are immense. They can levy your bank accounts, stick a wage garnishment on your paycheck and generally relieve you of every asset you have until your tax debt is paid. The “forcible” collection process is all easy for the IRS to instigate because they have huge legal jurisdiction over your assets when it comes to back taxes being owed.

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If you owe back taxes it transpires, the time to act is right now because any minute, the IRS notices piling up on your doormat will be converted in to collection actions by the IRS. If you owe a lot of back taxes you need a tax attorney because you are already in the crosshairs of the IRS and they will target you as soon as they legally can. If like me you can get yours in at 10p.m. on the 15th April, you are probably very lucky indeed. Without some software however, I would be starting in March …or December maybe?




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