Website Content Quality on the Rise

Website content quality needs to be high

Website content writing has changed as a a business. When I first began heavy keywording for a client in Australia, I realized that the web was becoming less and less interesting to read and the content I was producing was contributing to that. The content was not poor as such, it was just stuffed so heavily with keywords, it did not read or inform very well. I learned all types of keyword insertion tricks, using punctuation to get particularly difficult keywords into the text and overall, the website content that was published looked horrible. You can be sure it is not in my portfolio; I learned a lesson way back then that the quality of your work is not merely reflected in what people are willing to pay for it. This work paid pretty well and I am sure the site owners (some of which were well-known corporations) were happy at the resulting high placement in Google. However, they must  also see now that this came at a price higher than my wages.

Google’s latest Penguin/Panda combination has recently made mincemeat of sites like these and the website content writer they must be hiring to fix it, is probably now a similar web content writer to myself. I imagine that rather than a keyword stuffer looking to cram 40 keywords into 400 words of text at  a 4.5% density per word, they will now be shaking off the dust, noticing their new SERPs position at page 5 and hiring a quality copywriter to perform their content writing. Semantic indexing and many other algorithmic solutions are now providing us with what Google says we want; quality websites.

The only way to get quality is to weed out the poorly written and presented sites and only promote websites with better written content; sites whose incoming links do not come from fake forums and directories. I say it is the end of an era for SEO vendors who are relying on spammy mechanisms to achieve rank. I moved from producing articles and other SEO material such as the heavily keyworded website content writing to writing more technical and marketable texts. These have proved successful in not only providing users with better written content to consume, it provides Google with the quality website content that they have declared their mission to provide. I can’t complain as my inbox is increasingly full of SEO victims who have paid for some poor SEO and now are paying the price.

If you have been affected by poor SEO and low grade content, reversing the damage is not impossible. Updating your site to contain better quality website content writing, by native English writers (yes they can detect that too) and removing all those incoming spam links and generating much fewer but more effective backlinks. Although not a direct indicator, the PR of incoming links is very important for your own PR. See my article on PageRank to find out more.

Don’t be intimidated by Google’s updates – you need quality content writing that is highly readable and keyworded at the correct densities for multiple long-tail and semantically linked keywords- Find out more,  contact me today.

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