What is Communication Worth to Your Business?

What is communication worth to your business?

Everything should be your answer. It is one of the core requirements of your business to communicate with your existing and potential customers and the world at large.

Simplistically the choices are; writing your business communications yourself or someone who works for you, or having them written by someone who may be able to write (and I use this term loosely in many cases) but English is not their native language.

Personally, I am all for bringing economic benefits to those in countries where it is hard to earn any decent money, such as Indonesia. A non-native speaker might well be able to competently write material for a blog on fishing tackle or for a narrative type of item such as “10 ways to win back your ex-boyfriend”. However, when it comes to the content that a business requires to communicate to its clients, the language has to be very specific, correctly applied and words used in the exact context intended for them.  This might sound very pompous coming from me, a copywriter who might be judged to be merely plugging his own trade so let’s put some facts on the table.

The BBC News ran a report recently (see link at the bottom of this post) that ascertained that poor spelling was costing businesses a significant amount of money in lost revenue. So much in fact that a 100% increase in sales followed a correction to a popular web site’s e-commerce section.

This is largely believed to be an issue of credibility with an added lack of confidence in the site or the products that might be shipped from there. A single spelling mistake or grammatical error can induce the thought in a potential buyer, that the same poor level of ability in the person who wrote the poorly written website they are reading might be applicable to the abilities of the person manufacturing or shipping their product.

A test showed that repairing a spelling error on a website doubled the sales conversion rate. This is no coincidence.

Think about yourself as the consumer. If the person who ships your goods is of the same caliber as the website content writer who cannot spell, who knows how your address might be spelled on the packing slip? Who knows how much your credit card may (inadvertently) get charged? Who knows what product you might receive?

The lack of confidence plus the overall drop in credibility caused by spelling errors alone makes online sales much more difficult to close.

Hiring a copywriter is a way of ensuring that every word is spelled correctly and used in the right context. You get a message that is conveyed in a structured manner, not just a randomly written web site content page. Every web page and communication with a client/customer should have a function; there should always be an objective to the communication whether it be a sales-driven web page, an email communication or just news or informational communications.

Regardless of the content, the message is clear: If you want to be seen to be professional, credible and seen as competent, you need to communicate professionally credibly and competently. That is what quality professional web content writers and copywriters do. 99% of online selling is via the written word – Ask yourself: “How much are the words that represent my organization worth?”

Words are gold in business communications. With the right words, you will get the right result from your message and meet the objectives of your communications. The alternative is to sound amateur and cheap. So you can choose between “amateur and cheap” and what a native English copywriter provides; i.e. communications that are “Professionally prepared and a worthwhile investment for the development of future business.” If you need to entertain, get a writer from overseas by all means. If you need to sell or communicate in a professional way, you need a copywriter.

What is communication worth to your organization? It might possibly the most important function. If you are representing your business online, can you afford not to look professional and fail to communicate your message prosperously?

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Link to the BBC News item on the effect of mis-spelled words on websites